Term Outlines

Each Term, teachers provide students and parents with Course Outlines across all learning areas.  These will provide an overview of:

  • Course content
  • Links to the WA curriculum; and
  • Assessments and approximate due dates (High School)

These are a great tool for opening lines of communication with your child/ren, especially when discussing what is happening in their classroom and being aware of what assessments may be comming up.




Primary Term Outlines







Secondary Term Outlines






Communication with Teachers

Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s individual teachers if they have any concerns about their child’s progress. Good communication between school and home is essential to ensure that concerns can be addressed. Please note, the time before class commencing is a busy time for our teachers and we ask that you schedule meetings, at other times, to allow more time and privacy to address your concerns. Please email the teacher or contact the school office 96712300 to arrange a suitable meeting time.


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