Mrs Fiona Yeats

Ms Karen Marshall
Associate Principal

(K-10 Curriculum and SAER)

Mrs Lesa Simpson
Deputy Principal

(K-12 Student Engagament)

Mrs Kellie Anspach
Manager Corporate Services
Teaching Staff - Primary    
Kindergarten - Nyingarn Mrs Amanda Young
Pre Primary / Year 1 -Koolbardi Miss Meg Caporn
Year 1/2 - Kwilena 1 Mrs Teena Gordon
Year 2/3 - Yaakan 3 Mrs Karen O'Shea karen.o'
Year 3/4 - Maali 6 Mr Mathew Parcevski
Year 4/5 - Dwert 7  Mr Eliott Starkey
Year 5/6 - Yongka 8 Mr David Sinclair
LOTE (Indonesian), Home Ec Mrs Susie Maguire
Primary Art/Music

Mrs Megan Rawlings
Teaching Staff - Secondary    
  Miss Kayla Abbey
  Miss Tabatha Dedman
  Mr Thom Lewis
  Ms Tanya Johns
  Mr Jason Simpson
  Ms Sonya Goulstone
Non-Teaching Staff    
Miss Elise Boase School Officer
Miss Amy Carragher School Officer
Mrs Andrea Bear Librarian
Mrs Naomi Booth AIEO
Mrs Leanne Bradford Education Assistant
Mrs Aleisha Coad Education Assistant
Miss Ebony Fiori Education Assistant
Mrs Danelle Hasson Education Assistant
Mrs Kim Hourigan Education Assistant
Mrs Kaye Lee Home Ec. Assistant and Education Assistant
Ms Sacha Lupton Education Assistant
Mrs Kerry Scott Education Assistant
Mrs Louise Siegert Education Assistant
Mrs Rachel White Education Assistant
Mrs Amanda Chapman Gardener


The following table is being provided to help clarify the specific aspects within the school that Karen Marshall and Lesa Simpson have responsibility for. Whilst they each have primary/secondary roles, most of their responsibilities are whole of school specific areas. The table only includes roles that relate directly to parents and students and does not include school specific roles in relation to leadership and management of staff. Please note that in the absence of one of the leadership team, any of Karen, Lesa or Fiona can respond to your concerns. 


Karen Marshall 

Associate Principal Level 4 

Lesa Simpson 

Deputy Principal Level 3 

Key areas of responsibility: 

K – Year 10 curriculum and students at educational risk (academic) 

Key areas of responsibility: 

K – Year 12 student engagement (behaviour, wellbeing and pastoral care) 

Other areas of responsibility of relevance to parents and students: 

-Whole school IEPs  

-Differentiation (including learning support, extension and students with special educational needs) 

-School Psych case manager 


-On Entry assessments 

-PAT testing 

-Yr 3 and 5 NAPLAN 

-Collaboration with our Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer) 

-Presentation Assembly 

-Community events 

-Carnival support (cross country and athletics) 

-Primary incursions 

-Allied Health (speech/occupational therapy) 

-NDIS parent support 

-Parent communication 

-Kindy and Yr 1 transition 

Other areas of responsibility of relevance to parents and students: 

-Whole school student services (including behaviour support, Zones, social/emotional wellbeing, pastoral care) 


-Secondary student electives and timetabling 

-Student pathways and subject counselling 

-Secondary transition (yr 6 to Yr 7) 

-Year 11 and 12 coordinator (including SIDE enrolments and subject counselling) 

-Yr 7 and 9 NAPLAN 

-ICAS testing 

-CAMHS liaison 

-Student leadership 

-Assemblies, ANZAC Day 

-Carnival support (swimming) 

-Whole school excursions 

-CPFS liaison 


-Parent communication 

-School promotion (Facebook) 

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